Friday, March 21, 2008


1. Dad's making more kimchi, so help is on its way. I finished off the jar last week, after some rationing. The last inch or so was especially spicy, as it was soaking in all the juice that had dripped down from the top. The last half inch was a regular Spice Challenge, very difficult to eat because of the heat, but I was successful, as always.

2. I've had my time, energy and mind way too into work lately, and I've had enough of it. I made a pact with myself only to stay there 9 hours a day. I was there 9-and-a-half, 8-and-a-half, 10, and 9-and-a-half so far this week. Yeah, room for improvement. But, I am supposed to be at work right now but am still at my house, so there you go.

3. As of last night, I'm obsessed with the song So Real by Jeff Buckley. I started singing it spontaneously on my bike ride home last night, got it playing on the itunes when I got in, and am listening to it for the, eh, 10th time right now? Its the perfect song; how did I never become obsessed with it before? I've noted before that I need to spend more time with Jeff Buckley, so maybe now its happening. His supernatural wails alone are worth the price of admission. I have a bootleg of him covering the Smith's The Boy with the Thorn in his Side that puts a tear in my eye. And another tear because we only got two records from him before he died.