Friday, May 1, 2015

Won't Somebody Think Of The Children!

My 40th birthday is next week. It's not something I've been thinking about much lately because I've had better things to think about. Mostly it's been big work projects, but also big art projects, plenty of music, a full-fledged social revolution, and that Star Wars trailer, amirite!

Anyway, now I'm thinking about it a lot, or more specifically I'm thinking about the one and only gift I want for my birthday: I want to raise $4,000 for the Homeless Children's Network.

It's kind of ironic really. I'm not what you'd call a child enthusiast. You know those people on the street who stop you to ask for charitable donations, the "do you have a minute to stop the destruction of the Earth" people. Yeah, so one day one of those people asked me, "do you love children?", and I said, "I don't think you want me to answer that."

However, I have a few teacher friends who've shared stories with me about what happens to their students who lose their homes, and those stories broke my cold, dead heart. Kids who did great, got good grades, had good attendance, and played well with others suddenly were failing academically, acting antisocial and violent towards their peers and teachers, self-harming, or disappearing from school all together. My teacher friends would get the rundown from a school counselor or social worker, or sometimes from the kids themselves: their mom moved them and their siblings into a domestic violence shelter; they were evicted from their home and were living in the car with their dad; they were kicked out of their home because of their addiction and had nowhere to go. These kids were often living with traumatic circumstances to begin with, but the trauma of homelessness was so strong as to lead them away from the stability and opportunities at school.

I found out about the Homeless Children's Network because I happen to have a bunch of friends on the board. As soon as I understood what the HCN offers to homeless kids and their families, it was crystal clear to me how important their services are. HCN provides counseling, substance abuse treatment, parenting skills, and other services vital to breaking the cycle of homelessness. When a child is only ever taught violence, poverty, and instability, that child will become an adult who only knows violence, poverty, and instability, and a parent who in turn teaches their children violence, poverty, and instability. HCN not only helps individual kids and families, but is a piece of the solution for all homelessness.

So, my birthday wish is to help the HCN out, and I need you to help me do that. I'm going to run the HCN's 5K fundraiser on Sunday, May 3, and I would love it if you would sponsor me. I've already received a ton of donations, and with deep gratitude give a hearty thank you to everyone who's donated so far. I know we can raise more, though. Whatever amount we give, it'll be put to excellent use serving homeless kids, so in that we can't fail.

But c'mon, now. It's my birthday. Let's raise some real money here. And if you're not a kid enthusiast, either, whatever. Do it for me - click here to donate.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

TBT: Endless Summer

I find it unnecessary and even kind of obnoxious when bloggers apologize for long absences. Especially when they go on and on about whatever-dog-ate-my-homework business kept them from posting, I'm like, yeah I don't give a damn; life happens, my feelings aren't hurt, get the hell on with it already. 

However, I am going to tell you about what kept me from posting the ol' I'm Wearing Your Clothes for so long, because it is awesome: My professional gift wrapping business, Ace Gift Wrapping Service, killed it this holiday season. Starting in October we got slammed with business. We wrapped so many gifts, there wasn't time for anything except wrapping wrapping wrapping. It was brilliant, totally derailed several other projects, but rightfully so, because wrapping gifts is the best. And that's why I'm Wearing Your Clothes went off the radar for a while, and I'm not damn sorry. 

I'm sure now you're asking, "but Sig, Christmas was three months ago. What happened since then?" Yes, about that. You see, I was- GOOD LORD LOOK OVER THERE! 

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, this outfit. I really liked this one. It's from last summer solstice. Today, March 19, 2015, is hot and sunny in Oakland. I'm wearing sandals. Last summer solstice, not so much, which is why I wore over-the-knee, bought-new boots. The over-the-knee socks were also new, and are the "heat generating" kind from Uniqlo. Whether or not they actually generate heat I don't know, but the marketing gets me right in the cold little extremities, so I have several garments from that line.

The dress is a hand-me-down gift, and is made of supernaturally soft fabric. The coat was street-scored from a neighbor's give-away pile, and I hope the neighbor sees me wearing it and thinks "the circle of life is complete."