Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Good Bye, West Coast

Greetings from—and farewell to—Portland, Oregon. After a week of canoeing, camping, and friending, I'm heading east for familiying, weddingsing, and lots and lots of driving. 

Speaking of driving, this outfit was supposed to be for a few last social calls but thanks to oversleeping and traffic, it was pretty much just a sitting in the car to the airport outfit. Moments after snapping this pic, I changed into yoga pants and a sweatshirt and boarded my red-eye to Boston. The shirt is from a buy-sell-trade shop, and the pants and sandals are from a consignment shop. They are all now safely stowed under the seat in front of me. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hardware Store Outfit

So, turns out I'd been wearing the same yoga pants and sweatshirt for the better part of four days. Off and on, I mean; I showered, and went for a run in my running duds, and there were pajamas here and there. I'm about to run errands now, though, and conceivably I could go out in the yoga pants and sweatshirt, but really, it's time. Time to move on. 

I have deemed this a good outfit for the hardware store. Jackie O wore something vaguely similar in Capri, I will wear this to OSH. 

The shirt is from a clothing exchange, the pants and sandals are from a chichi consignment shop and were bought on clearance, though not at the same time. The cuff I got on vacation in Mexico. They're little clam shells with beads on a fabric band, and some shells have broken but I don't care, I love it all the same.