Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've Always Wanted to Call Something Signal to Noise

BECAUSE IT'S A PUN! GET IT? Sig, signal. Ha!

Oof, well, anyway, for the past six months since I last posted anything, I've wanted to revamp the blog. It just had no direction, it ambled too much, which says a lot when you consider I have an extremely high threshold for ambling (just ask my parents - hi, mom and dad!).

Somewhere during all those months, it struck me: what if I post my actual writing, you know, writing-writing, I mean the stuff I write in those notebooks I carry everywhere and write in whenever the inspiration strikes (and sometimes when it doesn't)? The subject matter ranges from unnervingly earnest and hastily jotted true tales, to first drafts of screenplays, to lists, to epic poems, etc., etc. How about I post that?

Naturally, at this point you ask "and how is that not ambling?" But really, it isn't. No, seriously.

So far, whenever I have posted, liked, for example, a "we all went camping last weekend" kind of post, you could be sure that was generally factual, that indeed I had been camping. Hence forth, said account may in fact be fictional, and will usually be more descriptive, as I either wrote it to stylishly describe an actual event, or am describing it as realistically as I can to make it believable fiction. Also, everything I've blogged so far is original to this medium, where as going forward, I'll post writing from throughout the years, from before blogs were invented, even (gasp.).

And, furthermore, I will not tell you what is what. You may recognize something as having happened because you were there, but that's all you get. And don't expect me to stick to the facts, because I won't. Or maybe I will. I'm not telling. You can figure it out.

See, signal to noise. Its not only a pun, its also the intention. Ha!