Sunday, November 4, 2007

Well, here we are again.

Yeah, so, it was time. This is my new blog, and there are two rules: 1. must be simple, writing and photos only, and not a side note in a grander social network (ie Tribe, Friendster, MySpace, etc.); 2. said writing will be short. No novels. The second rule will be a chore. Ignoring my "profiles", on the other hand, comes quite naturally.

Its Sunday night, prematurely dark as far as my body's concerned, because daylight savings is over. Folks disparage daylight savings, say its materialistic and unnatural, but I like it. Try as I might to train myself otherwise, I'm just not a morning person, I don't wake up well and I don't go to bed early. But I like the day light, I prefer to be awake during the day, and I prefer the hours of the day to be adjusted to my schedule. What could possibly be more indulgent?

Tonight, since my inner clock is off, I will go to bed early.

Also, and unrelated, I just bought a vacuum. The MPAA rates films R when they depict "adult activities". Buying a vacuum is an adult activity, strictly R-rated.

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