Friday, November 8, 2013

The INXS Effect

Years ago, a coworker and I had a little bit of an office crush going. Nothing scandalous, just a mild mutual attraction, maybe a little flirting but with zero intent. We were both contractors, so soon enough, we didn't work together anymore. Shortly after, we ran into each other again. He had a studio in the same building where we cut the Eggplant Casino record and the sound track for Evolution: The Musical. I was there a lot recording, so I'd stop by to hear what he was working on. We'd talk music and gear and make goggly eyes at each other, so naturally one day we made plans to go out on a date.

The date was going well, we'd coasted easily through dinner and were kicking back cocktails when he mentioned "the INXS Effect". 

"It's when you're, like, on a really long car trip and you can't get any radio stations. Then suddenly some shitty INXS song comes in really loud and clear," he explained. "And it's always INXS, too. It's the worst."

I looked at him stone faced and said, "I love INXS. I really love INXS. I cried when Michael Hutchence died."

And that was the end of that.

Anyway, I'm reminded of that story now because I'm out at a cafe & INXS' Mystify just came on really loud & clear. I love this song. 

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