Monday, December 10, 2007


Hi-ee-ee!, originally uploaded by gregveen.

This guy, Mr. Face, was one hell of a hamster. He wasn't friendly, in fact, he was rather hostile, but he sure was cute. And fit, too; he ran in the wheel eight to ten hours every night (not an exaggeration). He was a movie star of sorts, back when he was still called Billy, featured for a few crucial moments in Evolution: the Musical. That's how he came to live with me, in fact. Someone needed to adopt him after the shoot, and although he wouldn't stop biting me, I just couldn't resist. His favorite foods were dried soba noodles, pop corn, mac and cheese, and seaweed. He liked blueberries and necterines, too, but hated anything green and leafy (except the seaweed).

Mr. Face died tonight, suddenly and mysteriously, after an illness that couldn't have lasted more than seven hours - when I left the house this morning, he was running in the wheel, which actually, is kind of odd because he was nocturnal. Regardless, I'm raising a sad glass to the memory of Mr. Face tonight, trusting that he's running endless rotations in the big hamster wheel in the sky. I love you, Mr. Face.