Friday, January 4, 2008


And wind! The sky is so dark. I just went outside for a moment to check on my plants, and by gum, I got drenched.

The only thing to do, other than go to the office (heh) is to watch movies. Hooray!

I watched the Phantom Menace and Contempt, and they were both terrible. Phantom Menace is bad for so many reasons, I won't even bother to go into it. That crazy lightsaber battle at the end, with Darth Maul (or is it Darth Mall) and the Jedis, that's good stuff. I could watch that all day. There's only one space battle, though, and its weak. Anyway, I won't go into it.

Contempt is bad because its stupid. I mean, its about this couple, and the guy's a jerk, and the wife gets angry at him because of his jerkiness, which is all good an well, but then she mopes around and won't defend herself or explain herself and just acts like a total weirdo. It seems likes Godard, the filmmaker, he just didn't understand women, but believed its because women are totally un-understandable. Its not that he's confused, its that women are confusing.

So then, there was the Libertine and... oh crap, what else did I get? Uh. If you can remember the other DVD I watched this week, remind me, and you'll win a prize.

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