Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Public Plea

Dear Dad,
I'm running out of kimchi. Please help.

(So, like, my dad makes this awesome kimchi. He brought me a jar when he came up for the Chinese New Years Parade last weekend, and I've eaten roughly half already. 500 milliliters I've eaten.

Whoa, that just turned all Yoda for a second. Half a liter of kimchi I've eaten, and more I will soon need. I get big eating food of this kind.

You knew there had to be something about a movie in here somewhere: last night, Greg and I watched Revenge of the Sith. I'm slowly watching all six Star Wars, even the bad ones, in story order. Its going to be a great relief watching A New Hope, but then a little bit of a let down again watching Jedi after Empire. Maybe I should be watching them in order from worst to best: Attack of the Clones, Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back. Do you feel me? Dare to battle me if you disagree.

But anyway, I digress. This is about daddy-o's kimchi. Pretty fly for a white guy, I must say. My nose is running because it's spicy, and yeah, I'm eating while I type. When I got home tonight I just, like, got inspired: I busted out the kimchi, then turned on the KCSM and put the computer on the bed, all while holding the jar, and now I'm sitting cross legged on my bed eating and typing. The jar is right here next to me. If it tips over and spills, I will be so fucked. There's no way I'll get the juice out of my matress. I'll have to get a new bed, and a new jar of kimchi.)

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