Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras!, originally uploaded by bcostin.

Today is Fat Tuesday; Alisa Clancy is playing nothing but New Orleans-flavor jazz on KCSM. Here's a song called "Stoned, Drunk and Naked", with a lyric "I know she ain't no hooker, but I know she ain't cheap". Ahem.

But more importantly, its also Super Tuesday. As soon as I get my clothes on, I'm out the door to my polling place to cast my ballot for our next president, who will, at long last, be a Democrat.

Obama fever has hit all my friends. He is the next great thing, the new hope, the contender, almost messiah-like. Deep in my heart, though, I have to admit, I got a torch for Hillary. I kept trying to rationalize it: she has more experience, she's tough, she's already been through tons of controversy and is not only still standing but coming back for more. She's smart and respectable and knows how to play hard. Blah blah blah, you know what, I'm willing to admit, finally, on the deciding day, that the real reason I have an unshakable Hillary love is because she's a lady, and he's a dude, and I'm so fucking sick of dudes in the White House. I don't care of he's black, he's still A MAN. Can we get a woman in there, please? We've done the guy thing, our whole fucking history as a country we've done the guy thing. I want a woman in the White House. Being born in the '70's - raised on Sesame Street and Wonder Woman and Free To Be You and Me - I was told I could be the first woman president, but even then I really expected we would have had a woman president by now. WTF? Fucking Pakistan has had a female leader, and yeah, I was enormously upset when she was assassinated.

I admit, our man Barak might just be the better choice. I mean, really, either would make a stunning president, but after all the Bushing we could really use a president who can speak without sounding like he's addressing a Dungeons and Dragons convention, and my god, Obama is a true orator in the classical sense. I might just vote for him today, its possible. But my heart belongs to Hillary.

(No, seriously, that Dungeons and Dragons link, you really should click, because its really, really good)

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