Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Calendar is Full.

May is a busy month! Check this out:

Next week, on Tuesday, May 6, my band, the Eggplant Casino, is playing as part of the SF International Film Festival. There's going to be several short films, some live performances from Eggplant and others, and the piece de resistance, the public premier of Evolution: the Musical, which is a short film I helped produce, and make a very brief appearance in. I'm super excited about this show, and would love to see you all there.

Tickets are available here (through a somewhat confusing process).

More information about the screening here.

And of course this.

The following week, Beowulf: a Thousand Years of Baggage opens at the Ashby Stage in Berkeley. I'm not in the show, but I did design the props, including Grendels hideous arm, which some of you have seen, and also I gave one of the actors a mullet haircut, so come out to see that at least. Its an amazing and haunting show which I highly recommend. Previews are on Wednesday and Thursday May 14 and 15, opening night is Friday, May 16, and the show runs Thursday through Sunday through June 15. Tickets, show times and the like are here.

Also on Friday, May 16, the Eggplant Casino will be playing at another film event, KML Gets Reel. Its an evening of short comedy films (including Evolution) from the venerable and uproarious sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster. We'll be playing interstitial music, as well as a short-ish set before the films. And, as a testament to the closed-loop that is the theater world, you will see a lot of the same folks in and at all three of these events. Ah, theater.

Lastly, the Eggplant Casino will be playing at yet another film event, but this one has nothing to do with those other two. We're scoring an evening of silent films in Mendocino! F-U-N. I don't have much info about this event yet, other than, like, where the band is sleeping and what time we're setting up and that kind of thing. If you're interested, though, let me know, and I'll keep you posted.

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