Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's Another Late-Night I'm Wearing Your Clothes. Funny How That Happens.

I was on my way home from a gig with my band, Have Special Power, when I realized I was in a perfect I'm Wearing Your Clothes outfit. The brown vinyl pants you may recognize as the Magic Pants, discovered magically - spiritually, even - at a thrift store. The teeny ultra suede jacket is from a clothing exchange. The beloved, vegan, McBeth shoes I got unworn and hella cheap from a buy-sell-trade shop. A dear friend made the tanktop. The bracelets were bought new - one from a boutique in Marin, one from a boutique near my neighborhood in Oakland, and one from a friend's boutique in Vieques, Puerto Rico. And lastly, the bass is a hand-me-down gift from my little brother and frankly is a prop; though it's my most dearly beloved and the bass I practice on regularly, it needs some repair work, so I played one of our guitarist's basses at the gig tonight. 

And what a gig it was, my first with the band. I hope it sounded as good as it felt - aggressive, exuberant, loud. Some four hours later I'm still blissed-out, sitting on my couch tapping this on my phone with my ears still ringing. Thank you infinitely to everyone who came out, and thank you to my darling bandmates, Andy and Chris. Here's to more, more, more!

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